Hel the Happy Skeleton (happy_skeleton) wrote in halloween_fan,
Hel the Happy Skeleton

My carved pumpkins

I'm super happy with my pumpkins! The trick or treaters and their parents loved it and I'm glad. :)







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I really love the simple one with the dots, and the leaves.
Awesome! You have quite the talent I wish I was that good. How long did it take you to do all that?
Pretty much the weekend. Thanks for the compliments! =)
Nice carvings...I wish I had half your creativity ^_~!
Looks absolutely gorgeous. So idyllic!
Martha's got nothing on you! Those are awesome!
It's pumpkins like these that make me want to practice pumpkin carving... except that it's only acceptable and possible to do it around Halloween! :P

Well done with those awesome pumpkins!
Cool! I especially loved the owl and the floral pumpkin.
Wow, those are gorgeous! You have some amazing talent.
I love the one with the leaves. It looks like popular tree leaves
These are beautiful! You're a wonderful photographer as well as pumpkin carver.
2 very big thumbs up! Thank GOD for pictures to preserve them! :o)
Oh my goodness, these are just beautiful!! And how did you get such beautiful pictures?
With a tripod. You need for the camera to be fixed and not move to take pictures at night because it takes several seconds for the picture to be taken in such minimal lighting.

Thank you for the compliment. :)
Wow, these are gorgeous! Excellent work. I wish you lived in our neighborhood :)
Beautiful! They almost look like they aren't real.
I love the one that looks like Martha Stewart's with the Ginko leaves. =) Bravo!
They're wonderful! :)
Pumpkins look really great! How did you do the lighting? Electric candles? The one with the dots looks like it has mini-lights?
They all have mini-lights in them. That's what it takes to have the light through the pumpkin flesh.

Thanks for the compliment. :)
Great carvings and great photos! Thanks for sharing!