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Photos from "Whoville" and Foxes Haunted Castle

Our spook house was a pretty good success, despite the weather.  There were snow flakes and hail in the air Halloween on and off.  My husband laughingly calls the Doctor Who section "Whoville".  We have the dalek Bob, who is new this year, and the nameless ood from last year.  The cyberman and TARDIS front.  There is one photo of me, my cat daughter,(I tried to get her to dress as novice Hame, but no deal) and pikachu, my son.

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Out of curiosty (I'm new here..)

Were you the brilliant people behind the site "The Werefox Den"?

Love the decorations by the way!
Yes that's us. You are making me blush. Thank you.
Oh wow! You're original site was one of my all time favorite bookmarks back in the day!! I loved all the stuff you had on it! It linked me to all my favorite horror movies and Halloween goodies.

I have wanted to tell you for a while what a great job you did!!

Awesome set up! I wished I lived near you and could check it out in person. I hope you had a lot of visitors! What did you make the Dalek and the TARDIS door out of?
They are both mostly foam. The TARDIS is thick insulation foam board. The dalek is mostly foam poster board. The dalek also has other parts and stuff but it's all basic stuff like paper mache for the dome, some pvc pipe for the eye stalk, and foam balls for the bumps on the skirt. Plus lots of planning and trial and error.
I wish we had more visitors, about 190 total. The people who came loved it, but we still wish more people would come. Many people comment we are better than most spook houses you pay to see. It's like a spooky museum. There is so much to see sometimes you can walk through 2 or 3 times and see things you missed. Maybe because we are free people don't think we have much to offer. But we keep doing it, because we like to.
Pretty wicked place! :')
That is totally awesome! PS- Your flagstone walls - did you use gossamer?
Yes that is gossamer, good eye. Not too many people have a garage with gossamer decorated walls. It sort of matches the stonework on the front of the house.
This is *beyond* awesome. ROFL at "WhoVille". And I love your gargoyles!!
The gargoyles are mostly my birthday presents. My birthday is October 1st so usually I get one or more for my birthday. This year I got a top of the line fog machine instead. Hey, money's tight, I hope my husband loves the garbage disposal I bought him for his birthday(later this month) to replace our broken one.
Looks so fun! :D I miss Halloween more now. XD