sydney (bid_adieu) wrote in halloween_fan,

trick or treat

for halloween this year i decided to go all out with a siouxsie costume. only two people knew who i was. go figure! i thought i'd share on this community since it seems like facebook has taken over the internet world.


i hope you all had a good halloween!
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Aww, that is awesome! But so sad only two people recognized it. :(
nice icon ;)
and yeah, i guess that's what i get for living in alabama. we have a nice uh..'other home' scene here, but still a lot of blank stares from the majority!
Well thank you! ;D
And I hear you, I live Alabama too, close to Huntsville, and so many people haven't even heard of Siouxsie or any band remotely like them. I'll admit I'm shocked when people even know who Bowie is!
fab! i dunno...i guess a lot of people don't know who she is anymore. sad really. perhaps more eye makeup...although that coulda just made ppl call you a goth. looks great though!
Oh thats excellent! :D
Fantastic costume!

I would have known who you were :)
awesome costume! but two is good! my son dressed as marty mcfly from back to the future and nooooobody got it. people just thought he wasnt wearing a costume :(
I also would've known who you were (the 80's RULED). Excellent likeness!
Nice!! I was Siouxsie a few years back. It was SO fun!