Hel the Happy Skeleton (happy_skeleton) wrote in halloween_fan,
Hel the Happy Skeleton

Trolling and spamming on halloween_fan

I know this community has been suffering with alot of spamming and trolling lately but please bare with us. This is the third time I'm banning and deleting spamming comments from the same person who keeps opening up new accounts and posting the same shit on our wonderful community. Please be patient with us as we have to deal with this problem one troll and one comment at a time, sadly.

Note: I urge you to use the screening options when you make a post so you can manage the comments made to your post yourself. This might very well discourage trolls to spam posts as it would be a complete loss of time.

Also, the community joining settings is changed back to moderate
. It sucks, but if it can prevent spamming(and I've never seen this much trolling since I'm on lj), then it's worth it. And putting your entries "friends only" will help aswell.

Thank you halloween fans,

Your friend and co-mod, hel the happy_skeleton
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