Hilde (kittensandsteam) wrote in halloween_fan,

Wonderland on Halloween

For Halloween I was a steampunk Cheshire Cat

outfit 31.10.2010: steampunk Cheshire Chat

Cat eared hairband: made it myself
Scarf: made it myself
Tailcoat: my own design, made it myself
Longsleeve:my own design, made it myself
Tail: made it myself
Thin belt: Moda
Hip bag: Eastpak
Bag: vintage
Skirt: my own design, made it myself
Leggings: American Apparel
Umbrella: Lollipops Paris
Spats: my own design, made them myself
Boots: Kickers

I had this awesome gear print longsleeve, which you sadly can't see well in the photos.

Cheshire Cat longsleeve

It remains my favorite part of the costume, together with my tailcoat :D

with the Dormouseme


My friend Sam went as the Mad Hatter :)
I made his jeans, waistcoat, cravatte and spats, the coat he borrowed off my boyfriend and the shirt is his own. The hat and goggles he borrowed off me.

costume shot in the Wonderland chairs

SamSteampunk Mad Hatter Sam

And my friend sea_cucumber went as the White Rabbit

costume shot in the Wonderland chairs

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Awesome costumes! I love the location too.
Disneyland Paris has some of the very best locations for photoshoots :)

Deleted comment

thank you :)
Wow, truly an excellent picture set!
Thanks :)
I love Disneyland Paris for photoshoots and picture taking, they've got the best locations :)