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Everyday Is Halloween

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All things Halloweenie

A little lj town where everyday is Halloween!
This is a community for people who adore Halloween, and everything to do with it. A place to share recipes, whether it be for bat cookies, or fake blood! Show us your costumes from years past, or bounce ideas off the minds of fellow members. All things Halloween are welcome here!

Please note the joining to this community is moderated only because we're dealing with alot of spamming.

dulcet_discord is your loverly owner & moderator of this community. ^_^
This community is also maintained by grrl_draconis(My Beloved Sporkette) and happy_skeleton(Everyone needs a happy skeleton in their midst!)


  • If you are going to be posting a huge amount of pictures, or ones that are QUITE large )bigger than 300X300 pixels), please use the LJ-cut option, so as not to feck up other people's friend's pages!
  • Please do not type in all caps! or AlL wOnkY LIke ThIS.
  • If you wish to tell us about another community within the Halloween genre, or show off your Halloweenie wares, please ask Ms Discord first via email BEFORE you post about it! In other cases, promotions of communities will be deleted. You can email Ms Discord at dulcet_discord@yahoo.com Please put Halloween Fan in the subject line!
    Thanks oodles!


    Sister Communities:

  • For the Halloween psychos, check out happy_skeleton's halloweenasylum! :)

  • For crafty dark arts, lostbean's community, thedarkarts

  • For lots of edible spooky treats, zombiepuppet's community, halloweenrecipe

  • For more Halloween Lovers:sp00ktacular

  • Three communities that are awesome, from lunar_alchemy: spookymusic, skellytoons and macabre_fabric. Be sure to check them out!!

    A great bunch of Halloween links, compiled by crazycatladymel!

    To Hell with MySpace..HauntSpace is the way to go, my Halloweenies!

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